We’re Prepping to Put Some Colour in Your Life

We’re Prepping to Put Some Colour in Your Life

What a difference a few weeks makes! So much has changed and while garden centres are fortunate to be among the few business sectors allowed to remain open in Ontario, Brantim has decided to keep our greenhouses closed to the public and continue to offer online shopping from our fully-stocked online store. Our team continues to work really hard to bring colour to your life in a few short weeks. Watch for weekly specials and updates on our website for product availability. We will be open for curbside pickup and outdoor market purchases when items are ready. To continue to protect our staff and customers we have included some information below on how YOU can assist.

Please remain patient. Aside from pansies and other cold-weather plants, it is too early for most annuals and perennials. Our annuals, like Dragon Wing begonias, coleus, verbena, etc. are growing but still young and fragile and can not yet leave the greenhouse. Their roots are developing and they require fertilizer and the quality of sunshine a greenhouse provides. We are working hard to ensure there is a great selection for you to shop from at our outdoor market in early-mid May. The same goes for perennials, planting them in the cold ground this early they will only sit (and possibly decline in health); the ground needs to warm up a bit more before planting them.

To keep you up to date on what’s available we suggest you continue to review our online store, website, Facebook, and Instagram. We will post updates for availability and progress of our greenhouse activities, however, if there are specific items you are interested in for your home or garden, please place an online order and we will arrange a convenient pickup date and time once they are ready to go. This way you won’t be disappointed and your plants remain in good hands until then.

Thank you all so much for your support. We’ve had an amazing start to the 2021 season. A few extra projects have been tackled to allow us to grow more efficiently and with higher quantities to meet the ever-growing demand. We’re all working together (safely!) as a true generational family business.

Stay well and take care,
The Brantim Team

Brantim Outdoor Market

Our outdoor market is set to open in early May (weather permitting). At that time we invite you to shop a selection of annuals, hanging baskets, flowering planters, perennials, trees, and shrubs. We request you try and shop with a list and with purpose. Under “Stay-at-Home Orders” we really should not be “just-looking around”. When possible, please bring only those who need to shop with you, for your safety and ours. Only one person should make payment and the other(s) exit to the vehicle area to load up etc. Safety protocols will be followed to protect the staff and to create a safe shopping experience for you. Our staff follow all regulated safety protocols including wearing appropriate face coverings, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces regularly, and maintain social distancing. We ask all visitors to wear proper face masks at all times. We will be limiting the number of persons permitted into our outdoor market to a maximum of two persons at a time.

April Apprehension

We can all agree that we are all a little stressed. Our team is actively working and we may not be available to answer the phone and we know you have questions. Here are some answers that may assist you and quell some apprehension:

  1. While garden centres are allowed to be open we have decided to remain closed to the public, only take orders through our online store, and offer scheduled curbside pickup. Pickups will begin the second week of May and at that time we will open a small outdoor market for you to shop at when picking up your order.
  2. In mid-April, you should not plant veggies (except some cold crops), herbs, or heat-loving annuals. Don’t be feeling anxious that you should be planting; the weather has been unseasonably warm, but tomatoes, peppers, most herbs, marigolds, geraniums, tropicals, and summer hanging baskets, etc. can not yet survive outdoors.
  3. It usually takes to the end of April for the ground to warm up enough to provide benefit to newly planted perennials and shrubs. Don’t be in a hurry to plant in the ground as perennials and shrub stock is only trickling in, pre-order online now, and your order will be ready to go when the soil is.

What You CAN Do Now

If you have time on your hands and you’re itching to get into the garden, here’s a list of things you can tackle while you wait for the ground to warm up and the plants to be ready:

  • prep soil in beds and pots
  • add Triple Mix, Manure, or Sea Compost – adding nutrient to your soil is one the most important things you can do to ensure strong, healthy plants
  • cut back perennials and trim summer-blooming shrubs
  • tend to seedlings and harden them off, gradually introducing them to outdoors on warm days, in shade and no wind
  • line pots with coco mat or moss
  • make lists and plans
  • clean up and repaint garden decor, sharpen tools
  • when the ground warms up, plant potato and onion sets

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