Dragon Wing Begonia
This is one of our favorite choices for use in landscapes, containers and hanging baskets. It is a prolific bloomer and flowers all season long. It works well in shade to full sun and is heat and drought tolerant. It requires minimal maintenance including moderate fetilization. A good choice all around and one of our best sellers!


Trailing Begonias – Million Kisses
Begonia Million Kisses is a stunning semi-trailing new begonia with immense flower power! The strong and bushy foliage is smothered with beautiful blooms, continually flowering from April to October. It is low maintenance requiring no deadheading or trimming. New this year is the colour “Red Devotion” – truly stunning! This product is available at Brantim in 12” hanging baskets.


This spectacular plant features bright lemon-yellow daisies that flower all season. An upright plant, it takes full sun and works well in gardens, landscapes and containers. It’s heat and drought tolerant and prefers dry to medium moisture. It handles stressful conditions well but it does require moderate fertilization. For heavy blooming, simply deadhead moderately.


Solenia Begonias
This gorgeous, large heavy bloomer takes more sun than tuberous type begonias and works well in containers and shows well in the garden. You can remove spent flowers to promote more flowering as well as fetilize every two weeks. It’s heat and drought tolerant and prefers normal watering (it doesn’t like to be wet).


A new “WOW” plant. Ground breaking new genetics from Sakata allows exceptional performance in high heat and humidity, rain, sun and shade. These plants prefer the sun and in fact shade will cause the plants to stretch. It performs exceptionally in beds, landscapes, containers and baskets. You can now add impatiens color to that sunny part of your garden. This plant requires less watering than other impatiens but generally likes to be moist and are not heavy feeders requiring only moderate fertilization. This product will be available at Brantim in a wide selection of colors in 5” and 10” pots and also mixed container arrangements.

MagellanZinniasMagellan Zinnias
This compact plant is a favorite in our garden as a border and makes a bold statement. It’s heat and drought tolerant and rarely has mildew problems. This plant is not a heavy feeder and minimal watering is required. Plant when the risk of frost is gone in well drained soil.


Wave Petunias
This is by far our favorite landscape petunia. An amazing ground cover, 1 plant will spread 1-2 feet! Really low maintenance, Wave Petunias grow all season and have been known to tolerate some frost (and may also reseed – bonus!). Requires normal watering and fertilizing but deadheading not required.


Kimberly Queen Ferns
This is a favorite thriller for mixed container arrangements and hanging baskets. Its large fronds are held high and erect and keep their integrity in the wind and rain. Prefers shade to part sun however it will tolerate more sun than a Boston fern and can be easily over wintered indoors. We recommend keeping the soil moist and to fertilize once a month.


Sunshine Coleus
When most people hear the word coleus they think shade. Not so any more. Out of the shadows and into the sunshine comes a new group “Sun Coleus”; these bold fast growing beauties are available in a fantastic array of foliage colors and textures. Many have multi colored leaves that appear to have been splashed with paint. Its fantastic foliage increases in intensity with exposure to sunshine. It performs best in well drained conditions with normal watering requirements and a good fertilization program is beneficial. Works well in hanging baskets, containers and in the garden bed but does require pinching of flower spikes to prevent bolting.

Euphorbia Diamond Frost and Breathless
Clouds of tiny white flowers (Diamond Frost) or pink blush (Breathless) make this a favorite filler for mixed arrangements. It works well in full sun to part shade and is a magnificent new variety that blooms all season. Heat and drought tolerant, it requires dry to normal watering.


Also known as the Black-Eyed Susan Vine, this vigorous grower can be used in back drops or in large containers or as a trailing vine in a hanging basket.
It will grow 6-8 ft and sports yellow or orange flowers with dark centers that will bloom until frost. Prefers full sun and moderate fertilization, normal watering.


Mandavilla Vine
This sweet flowering vine is a customer favorite and a great treat for your backyard. It blooms all summer in full sun and likes regular fertilization and well drained soil. This plant can easily climb 5-6 feet over the course of the summer great for trellises.


Pennisetum Rubrum
Although this is a perennial it is considered and annual in this area. This grass offers spectacular plumes and stunning foliage in the summer landscape. It takes full sun and blooms early summer straight through to frost. It will grow 36 to 48” tall in your garden and is great for mass planting our as a focal point in your garden or container. Very heat and drought tolerant, a must for every garden.


Cathedral Series Salvia
Another new plant form 2009, this is a true gardening workhorse across a wide range of weather conditions. Plants are full branching and bloom quickly displaying rich colors throughout the summer. Large 3-4” flower spikes are a wash in deep blue, cooling sky blue and crisp clean white. Works well in landscapes and is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Excellent in planters and containers. Available at Brantim in 5” pots and mixed container arrangements.


Cyperus papyrus ‘King Tut™’ — Egyptian Papyrus
From the “Graceful Grasses” collection from Proven Winners®, this tall grass can be used either in the back or middle of a container to add height and drama. It features large heads of pendulous leaves and greenish flower spikelets that can measure 1′ across. Heat tolerant and low maintenance – a great choice for something different.


Osteospermum ‘Voltage’
This unique clear yellow variety will stop traffic – it’s the first osteo in bloom and the last out of bloom. Voltage Yellow features very flexible stems that show well, making it ideal for large baskets and containers. This low-energy variety has excellent branching and a low, spreading habit that makes Voltage Yellow ideal for landscapes.


Geranium Caliope Dark Red
This geranium has an outstanding velvety red flower color. Calliope is a vigorous grower with a mounding to semitrailing growth habit. Outside it is excellent in ground beds,baskets and patio containers. It makes great combination containers when mixed with other bright yellow and blue varieties. Calliope has excellent heat tolerance in the landscape and does well in both full sun and partial shade areas.


Cleome hybrid ‘Senorita Rosalita™’ — Spider Flower
This heat and drought tolerant cleome or “spider plant” adds dramatic height to landscape beds. It’s a great garden performer. The magnificent dark leaves on the 3-5 feet tall upright branches are topped by clusters of bright, lavender pink flowers. And they bloom with abandon from late spring through fall. Heat tolerant, no thorns, sticky substances or smells common in other cleomes and no need to deadhead. Plant in full sun in a place where water drains freely through the soil.

Cordyline Red Star
A great twist on the spike plant. Long tropical looking leaves of dark burgundy red make for an exceptional plant in containers and garden beds. Do not let it dry out between waterings and treat it as an annual. Available at Brantim in 4” pots and combination planters.


Tropical Bronze Scarlet Canna
Rich scarlet flowers over bronze-burgundy foliage, great in containers or beds.