Outdoor is the New Indoor

Outdoor is the New Indoor

Stone Chair
Here`s a cozy garden armchair!
(Image via carolynsshadegardens.com)

A big trend for gardening this year (that has been building over the last few years) is extending our indoor living spaces into outdoor living spaces.

Why not take advantage of the great summer weather by making your backyard or balcony an extra room in your house? It’s a great place to relax after a busy workday or entertain guests on the weekend. From the latest in garden accessories, to DIY projects, people are embracing the ‘exterior design’ spirit. And when it comes to the garden, what we’ve seen more and more is that the typical 6 pack annuals just won’t cut it anymore. People want a WOW statement that looks great AND is low maintenance.

Here’s how we think you can dress up your yard for 2014:

DIY Garden Decor

Ah, Pinterest – where have you been all my life! There are hundreds of creative and original ideas out there to add some decor to your outdoor living space. From making your own furniture from discarded wood palettes, to a water fountain made from an old piano! When it comes to decor, imagine your outdoor room as if it were an indoor room – you’ll need lighting, seating, some decor and of course, flowers! Re-pupose or re-invent a use for something that you would have previously discarded: an old bicycle could be a unique planter, a tea cup and saucer could be a bird feeder – scour the internet for inspiration!

Statement Planters

A big, beautiful planter in your garden or on the porch is a quick, affordable way to give a space a new look. On trend this year are simply styled, clean-lined planters in a range of neutral colours. We think bigger is better for at least one planter, it will anchor your garden design and provide an eye catching backdrop for other smaller planters. Brantim has a good selection of acrylic and ceramic planters this year, and you can always bring in your own to have custom planted (just be sure to drop them off early in the spring for timely fulfillment and pick up!)

BBQ Garden

Calling all grillmasters! Bring your kitchen outdoors with lots of fragrant, easy-to-grow herbs that are perfect for backyard BBQ-ing. Have you ever thought of adding a big herb container to your back deck, or patio? It’s a great way to pack in a flavor punch to your cooking. There’s really nothing like fresh herbs that you grow yourself – they are ready for harvesting all through the summer and truly taste a million times better than the grocery store variety. Consider creating a container filled with: lemon thyme, rosemary, tarragon, dill, parsley and basil.

Do you have any big plans for your garden this year? Tell us about it in the comments!


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