Gardening is Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Gardening is Growing in Leaps and Bounds

We are sure you are as excited as us to get back outside and into our gardens.

The gardening trend has definitely sustained interest and is looking to show continued growth for 2021.

Recent workplace changes, mainly the shift to working from home, point towards this continued interest. Spending more time at home and having less direct access to restaurants has renewed our interest in cooking our own food and gardening. For people with children, whether they are engaged In virtual learning or not, the act of gardening includes science, physical activity, and provides opportunities for healthy snacking.

In 2020, we planted one of our biggest vegetable and herb gardens we have ever had and have been happily reaping the fruits (and veggies) of our labour. Planning meals has been much easier with a variety of fresh produce right at our fingertips. We’ve also been enjoying a real sense of pride and accomplishment, which is a great feeling. Overall, gardening is a wonderful way to manage stress and to get creative.

Start planning your garden now to make your landscape both practical and picturesque. Whether in your backyard or on a small balcony, simultaneous functionality and beauty can be achieved.

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The Brantim Team

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