Choosing the right containers for your space – food for thought

Choosing the right containers for your space – food for thought

This is the first in a series of articles about Container Gardening, which really is what we love the most, and what we do best.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when deciding which containers will be the right ones for you.

In a blog post last Fall, we recommended that you draw out a rough garden map sketch as you were preparing your garden for its winter nap. Now that you have a plan of what works and what doesn’t, we’ve prepared a few questions you may want to answer, before heading to Brantim for your containers, so we’ll be better equipped to provide you with assistance when you’re visiting.

Full sun, full shade or some combination of each?

Knowing which areas of your plant-populated spaces require what kind of sun/shade mix is critical to determining what will last through the outdoor season. (Noting this on your garden map can be helpful for shopping). Most of us have areas that fit into all of the categories above and knowing where they are helps us to find the right plants, in the right size and shaped containers for the right type of light.

How much maintenance am I willing to do?

All containers require maintenance to make it through the season. From watering and fertilizing to trimming and deadheading, there are always things to do (let alone weeding of those garden beds). Containers can provide excellent colour, height, and interest (and don’t require weeding) but some plants in some containers will require more consistent watering, fertilizing and tending than others. You need to consider how much maintenance is best for your schedule.

How much space do I have?


Containers, container inserts and hanging baskets come in various sizes and shapes, and you may already have some you intend to use this year stored in your garden shed. If you do have your own, measure the inside circumference of the container and the depth of the container to make sure to choose the right size of insert to fit. If you are planning to purchase your containers from Brantim, measure the space you have available for your containers to make sure that what you purchase is just the right size for the space you have available.

What colours do I like and what colours work for my outdoor space?


Many of us use amazing containers in our gardens, on our decks, or hanging from hooks near fences or under our eaves. You may want to give some thought about the backdrop that your plants will be competing with as you sit and view them. As an example, you may find that a beautiful container in your favourite colours doesn’t really provide that pop of colour you wanted on your deck when placed against the white siding on your home, or that the amazing hanging basket fades against your dark fence.

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