10 Inspiring Gardening Pins

10 Inspiring Gardening Pins

Found on deborahsilver.com via Pinterest

You might not believe that with all this snow, we are busy as bees getting ready for our Spring opening for 2015!

It’s true! It really won’t be long and the heat will be on in the greenhouse and all the little seedlings will be growing into beautiful baskets for you this summer.

In the meantime, we know that it’s hard for everyone else to get excited about the spring when the weather is so cold. So we thought we’d share some of our favorite gardening pins to get you in the spirit for 2015.

Here’s some of our favorites:

Container Gardening:

You know we love container gardening – it really is our passion to create beautiful baskets and containers. And these pinners have some great collections of container ideas to get you inspired:

Other Gardening Pin Boards:

Best DIY ideas

Landscaping ideas

Great gardening ideas for kids

Do you have a favorite pinterest gardening board? Share it in the comments below.

Happy February!

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