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In addition to the plants listed below, we do have several other new additions to our annual and perennial selections. Please drop by the greenhouse to see everything that’s new and exciting for 2019!

Marcada™ Geranium

This heat-loving, rain and wind tolerant beauty, produces an abundant display of upright flowers from early Spring right through to Fall. With such a proliferation of self-clearing flowers, the Marcada provides big impact and a grand pop of colour anywhere you need one.

The lush green leaves lend the perfect backdrop for a variety of flower colours, from the palest of pinks through various reds, to a rich and deep magenta shade.

At home in containers or garden beds, this geranium requires only moderate watering with fertilization every 2 weeks to remain one of the stars of your outdoor space.



Illumination® Begonia

This trailing begonia is a real winner in both hanging baskets and containers.

With a variety of luminous colours and fully double blooms at each node, these lovely begonias will bring a waterfall of bright colour to the part-shade/shade areas of your outdoor spaces.


Heat tolerant, and self-cleaning (no deadheading required), these begonias last throughout Spring to the first frost, require moderate watering and fertilization. They can grow to a length of about 24 inches, so are best displayed in an area where they can hang to their full potential, or in a taller ground container. Plant and enjoy!





Superbells® Rising Star – Hybrid Calibrachoa

The abundant mound of brightly-coloured, small petunia-like flowers produced by this plant makes it an excellent choice for any container. (They prefer a spot with good drainage so are best suited to containers rather than in your garden beds.)

A continuous bloomer that is heat tolerant, these flowers will be a star from Spring right through Fall until the frost. Hummingbirds love these compact flowers and will enjoy the feast you provide for them from the many blooms.

As mentioned, calibrachoas prefer a container with good drainage. If you treat them to this, they will perform well for you all season long.