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Fertilizer – magic for your containers

This is the second in a series of articles about Container Gardening, which really is what we love the most, and what we do best. People need food and water to survive and we gardeners know that our plants are no different. Whether the plants are in containers on the deck, hanging
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5 Great Gardening Tips for Fall

Spring and Summer gardening tasks always seem so much more fun as we are looking forward to enjoying our gardens. Fall always reminds us that we are preparing for winter, and so, those pesky garden chores always seem a little less appealing, don’t they? While this may be the case, proper
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Looking Back at 2016

Winter is such a wonderful time of year for everyone.  It’s a time to relax by the fire and reflect on the spring, summer and fall seasons that have gone by so quickly! Some may say it was too hot or there was not enough rain, but most will tell you it
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8 Great Gardening Books For Mom!

Mother's Day is this weekend and Brantim has got you covered! We think a Brantim Gift Certificate paired with one of these great 8 gardening books, would make any Mom swoon. So head over to the greenhouse this week to pick up a gift certificate in any denomination and click the links below to
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Ottawa Tulips Turn 70!

This weekend is the start of the Ottawa Tulip Festival, marking 70 years since the start of the tulip legacy in Ottawa. So how did this whole tulip thing get started anyways? We knew they were a gift from the Dutch back in 1945 - but did you know the whole
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3 Tasty Herb Recipes for Summer BBQ’ing

You know that summertime is alive and well when you can walk outside in the evening and smell the delicious aroma of a barbeque. But have you ever thought of growing your own barbeque herbs? Culinary herbs are perfect for growing in containers on the patio right next to the grill, so you can easily reach down and pluck the leaves as you are cooking.

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